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Intention to prepare Reserve Management Plan
15 February 2017

Tell us what you think about Cartertons parks and your ideas for their future use, management and

Council is intending to prepare a Reserve Management Plan which will outline the future use,
management and development of all the reserves it manages across the district.
In 2009 Council prepared a general policy for all reserves and a number of individual plans for
existing reserves. It is time to renew the policy and plans and incorporate new reserves. Councils
approach is to prepare one plan with district wide policies to guide the management and use of all
reserves, address specific issues with specific policy and agree individual outcomes for each reserve
Individual reserve management plans, development concepts or landscape plans for reserves of
interest can be still prepared as needed.

Council manages over 50Ha of open space as reserve including land in the town centre,
neighbourhood parks, sportsgrounds, reserves adjacent rivers and some coastal land. Additional to
this is the 350Ha Kaipatangata water catchment area. Cemeteries, town baths and rural halls are
also managed as part of Council’s reserves.

Council, under s41 of the Reserves Act 1977, invites you to make written suggestions on the
proposed plan. All suggestions received will be considered for inclusion in the draft reserve
management plan which will be made available for public submission later in the year.

Have your say by 10 March 2017
You can get involved by:

• Entering online here
Download the submission form and email to info@cdc.govt.nz
• posting it to PO Box 9, Carterton 5743
• delivering it to the Council Office or Library on Holloway Street.

Suggestions should clearly include your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Brian McWilliams
Parks and Reserves Manager
P.O. Box 9 Carterton 5743
Holloway Street, Carterton
Phone: 06 379 4030

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