Land Information Memorandum

What is a Land Information Memorandum?
A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared by the Council at your request.  This Local Authority is the provider of information which it holds relating to land and or property. It does not provide interpretation of this information or advice on how to interpret or utilise this information. Your own independant and appropriate professional advice should be sought.

A Land Information Memorandum provides:  

  • Official address, legal description, area of site and unit/flat number as appropriate.
  • Information on special land features or characteristics including potential:
  • erosion
  • avulsion (removal of land by water action)
  • falling debris
  • subsidence
  • slippage
  • alluvion (the deposition of silt from flooding)
  • inundation (flooding)
  • Presence of hazardous contaminants which are likely to be relevant to land and is held in the Council's Land Information Register.
  • Information on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains as shown in the Council's records.
  • Information relating to Government Valuation and any rates (including water and miscellaneous accounts) owing in relation to the land.
  • Information concerning any consent, certificate, notice, order or requisition affecting the land or any building on the land previously issued by the Council (whether under the Building Act 2004, or any other Act).
  • Information relating to the use to which the land may be put, and conditions attached to that use.
  • Information which, in terms of any other Act, has been notified to the Council by any statutory organisation (ie: Historic Places Trust or the Department of Conservation) which has the power to classify land or buildings for any purpose.
  • Information which has been notified to the Council by any network utility operator under the Building Act 2004.

The memorandum may also include:

  • Such other information concerning the land which the Council considers - at its discretion - to be relevant.

When will I need a LIM?
If you are considering purchasing a property, it is recommended that you obtain a LIM before finalising the purchase.

You will find a LIM very useful in assisting in deciding whether the land is worth purchasing, free from any restrictions, and whether the intended use of the land is feasible.

How do I obtain a LIM?
Lim Request forms are available from the Carterton District Council Offices on Holloway Street Carterton or by clicking here.

How long will it take to process a LIM?
The statutory time frame for issuing a LIM is 10 working days. Working days are suspended for Public Holidays. If you request an urgent LIM this will be processed within 5 days.

Please be sure that all the information requested is included to enable us to return the memorandum to you as quickly as possible.