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Feeding our Families  -  the Feeding Our Families website - national social marketing campaign for improving nutrition - sets of adverts on TV and in news media and a few magazines - see below

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Healthy Food -  this is the website of the Healthy Food Guide which is a great magazine that you might have come across in supermarkets - it is only about $4.50 and has a wide readership amongst teenagers apparently because there are always some simple recipes in there. The latest edition has the FOF latest messages in it. Quite a few recipes etc. are available on the website.

Healthy Eating Healthy Action  -  HEHA website - part of MOH - has newsletters as well as all sorts of other information - I think has links to NHF

Law Access

Masterton District Council

New Zealand Fire Service

Push Play  -  Sport Wairarapa has just launched this last Friday with a family touch rugby match - 1400 Wairarapa families (through schools)  have registered for the Push Play Parent program and we included the latest Feeding our Futures messages in the parent packs that Dayle put together - the first real "combination" of healthy eating & physical activity messages. FOF will promote the national campaign through our local media as well by advertising in the Wairarapa News at intervals throughout the year. We are going to try and combine these adverts with calendars of events and any other articles around food and nutrition

Quit Smoking Community.   Quitting smoking isn't easy. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. But it's not impossible! At Quit Smoking Community, our entire purpose is to help people learn how to quit smoking once and for all.

Secondhand Smoke Can Make Children Suffer Serious Health Risks - Breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful to children's health including asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), bronchitis and pneumonia and ear infections

South Wairarapa District Council

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Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce

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The Wairarapa Road Safety Council has recently established a website to promote Road Safety in the Wairarapa.
It holds such things as the current Road Safety Action Plan - Projects - Contacts and links to various road safety partners.

NEW ONLINE DIRECTORY - Wairarapa Social Services

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