Resource Management Act administration (resource consent, various certificates, inspections)

District Plan

A district plan contains guidance and rules about how you can use and develop your land.  In Carterton, the Wairarapa Combined District Plan applies

Resource Consents

The Resource Management Act requires us to ensure that effects on the environment are well managed. One way we do this is to decide whether to grant resource consents to people wanting to do things that might affect the environment.

Every day, people apply for resource consents for activities such as building a new house, subdividing their property, discharging wastewater into a stream, moving earth or discharging pollution into the air.

The three Wairarapa Councils are moving to a more consistent approach to processing resource consents and the use of standardised application forms.

When do I need a resource consent

Preparing your resource consent application

The process from application to decision

Affected party – approval and submission

Types of resource consents

Forms for resource consents

Fees for resource consents


Information on this page has been sourced from Auckland City Council.